RTI and Xilinx show initial version of a DDS/OPC-UA bridge

Real-Time Innovations and Xilinx are showing a first demo of an OPC-UA/DDS bridge application at embedded world and Hannover Fair.

The original version of the Smart Manufacturing Reference Platform which Xilinx has developed uses OPC-UA and two Zynq SoC to demonstrate monitoring and control of motors. One SoC is connected to a motor, a second SoC is connected to an HMI which shows that the motor data is communicated via OPC-UA. RTI is working with Xilinx to extend the platform to include DDS. In the platform demo at embedded world, DDS will connect a third Xilinx computer connected to a strobe light. Data will be communicated via DDS to the second gateway node that is also receiving OPC-UA data. So RTI and Xilinx are providing an OPC-UA/DDS bridge application on the gateway node that bridges both protocols. For Hannover Fair, they plan to address secure communications with DDS as an add-on to the demo.

Background of this work is the recently published Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework document by the Industrial Internet Consortium which offers guidance on connectivity standards for IIoT systems. It assesses four core connectivity standards, two of them are DDS and OPC-UA. Part of the connectivity reference architecture is to have standard bridges between core connectivity standards. As the OMG is developing a new standard for bridges between DDS and OPC-UA, this demo is showing an initial version of a DDS/OPC-UA bridge. Furthermore, RTI and Xilinx are demonstrating the IIC connectivity reference architecture with synchronized, distributed control in a smart manufacturing application.