Manhattan Skyline: SBC with NXP i.MX 6 processor

The armStoneA9 is a compact and very powerful SBC in PicoITX form factor, perfectly suited for the development of compact applications. The Cortex-A9 CPU by NXP is available in Quad-/ Dual-/ and Single-Core version and ideal for multi-media applications. The CPU has functions such as 2D/ 3D acceleration, Window Layer, FPU, NEON, MPEG4, as well as OpenVG and it can be provided for more than 10 years. The module comes with a high capacity of RAM and Flash memory and numerous communication interfaces (CAN, PCIe, SATA, etc.). Furthermore it offers 2 LVDS interfaces up to WUXGA, a RGB interface up to SVGA and DVI up to FullHD simultaneously. Touch panels can be connected via an external controller board. At a power supply of 5V (8-14V), the power consumption is only about 4W typ.

The customized WEC 7/2013 (Bootloader, Kernel, interface drivers, Silverlight, Mediaplayer, IE) is an efficient real-time operating system. Together with Compact Framework 3.5 it is ideal for software development. The F&S Linux BSP (4.1., uboot, BSP, Buildroot, QT, GStreamer) contains the customized kernel and all interface drivers, including Source. A Cross Compiler Toolchain is offered for the development of own software. Additionally, there is a pre-configured Ubuntu Root Filesystem.

The armStoneA9-SKIT is available with Linux or WEC 7. It consists of an armStoneA9 board, a set of cables, memory media and the access data for the download area. In the download area the current software and documentation can be downloaded and installed. A forum with 3000+ registered customers offers example programs and free support for customers. A Workshop and suiting display kits pave the way for an easy start of development.

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