Ubiqconn acquires RuggON to expand global IIoT strategy

Ubiqconn announced the buy-out acquisition of RuggON shares, a leading supplier in rugged portable computing systems. The acquisition is considered as a step-forward to offer complete Mobile IIoT solutions and expand its global Industrial IoT market strategy in the ecosystem. This is also the first acquisition case of Ubiqconn since its establishment 5 years ago. The management team remains after the acquisition, and resources from the parent company FICG will be provided to expand product lines and branding development for RuggON.

RuggON, after the acquisition, will establish in-vehicle computing division besides expanding rugged portable computing solutions. The new division will target at Industrial IoV (Internet of Vehicles) markets. The further new channel developments will be dedicated mainly in Asia, Greater China and emerging markets. The acquisition not only integrates resources between Ubiqconn and RuggON, but also product lines from both parties. With joint efforts, both Ubiqconn and RuggON will extend their global value chain levels by supplying complete solutions with advanced quality and better customer services for various industrial computing applications.

To fulfill the varied booming applications of IIoT, Ubiqconn will further reinforce its internal new product incubation and external cooperation with other sectors to drive future growth.

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Ubiqconn acquires RuggON to expand global IIoT strategy

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