Teledyne LeCroy launches 24-bit sensor high precision acquisition modules

The SAM40 provides up to 24 input channels for low frequency (sensor signal) acquisition and analysis. It connects to a 4 or 8 channel Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit resolution high definition oscilloscope (HD4096 HDOs and MDAs) to provide Analog+Digital+Sensor (up to 8+16+24 channel) acquisitions. This capability is ideal for system debug and analysis of deeply embedded, electromechanical, and mechatronic designs in the medical, mil/aero, motors and drives, power, appliance, Internet of Things (IoT), vehicle/automotive and other applications.

All channels have 24-bit resolution (stored in 32-bit floating point format) with ~0.05% total accuracy. Built-in filters with settings as low as 100 Hz further reduce noise. Adjustable gain ranges (1 mV to 10 V/div) accurately acquire a wide range of signal levels. The SAM40 simply connects to the supported Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope with a USB2.0 cable for data transfer and control/trigger commands, and BNC cables for clock/timebase synchronization. No programming or complex setups are required.

More than 65 different SI and English system physical units are supported for length, mass, temperature, angle, velocity, acceleration, volume, force/ weight, pressure, electrical, magnetic, energy and rotating machine quantities. Math and measurements applied to rescaled waveforms correctly read and convert to new units as required. The oscilloscope math, measure, analysis, pass/fail and option packages utilize the sensor inputs the same as any other channel. Teledyne LeCroy's deep toolbox just got even more powerful.

The SAM40 sensor acquisition module simply and quickly interfaces to a supported Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit high definition oscilloscope (HDO). The SAM40 acquires very low speed (40 kHz bandwidth) sensor and other signals and the HDO acquires higher speed analog, digital and serial data signals. The HDO cross-triggers the SAM40, and the SAM40 sends acquisition data to the HDO for time-synchronized display with the high bandwidth HDO analog and digital channels.

Leverage your SAM40 24-bit acquisition system with the unit conversion and rescaling capability. Teledyne LeCroy's unit conversion package provides the most intuitive display of sensor, mechatronic and electromechanical data. Each sensor channel input has a unique rescaling setup directly in the setup dialog with y=mx+b rescaling capability and selection of physical units. All unit conversions carry through logically when unitized sensor inputs are used in math or measurements.

The most basic system available combines a 350 MHz, 500 MHz, or 1 GHz 12-bit resolution, 4 channel oscilloscope (HDO4000A or HDO6000A Series) with a SAM40-8 eight channel acquisition module. This triples the number of available inputs for a very modest price, and preserves high bandwidth oscilloscope inputs for the most important uses, or provides capability to view more high bandwidth signals than would have previously been possible without the SAM40. 16 and 24 channel acquisition modules may also be used. MSO oscilloscope models further add 16 digital logic input channels.

Pair the SAM40-24 with the world's only 8 channel, 1 GHz, 12-bit resolution oscilloscope and obtain an unbelievable 8+16+24 analog+digital+sensor inputs. Make fast debug work of deeply embedded systems that combine power electronics, motors, and sensors into one complex, dynamic system. Utilize the SAM40 for analog speed or torque sensor signals, vibration sensors or accelerometers, and other mechatronic signals. For the ultimate in motor drive analysis, pair the SAM40 with the MDA800A and gain the deepest static and dynamic understanding of tree-phase power system and mechanical motor behaviors.

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