SEGGER: Embedded Studio and J-Link support Amazon FreeRTOS

SEGGER's cross platform Embedded Studio and the market leading J-Link debug probe fully support Amazon FreeRTOS with a straightforward user experience out of the box. The boards that have been selected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to get started with Amazon FreeRTOS are already supported by Embedded Studio and J-Link.

SEGGER provides ready to use projects for Embedded Studio for all of the ARM based boards: LPC54018 IoT Module, STM32L4 Discovery Kit IoT Node, and SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3220SF Wireless Microcontroller LaunchPad Development Kit.

Embedded Studio is the perfect solution to get started with Amazon FreeRTOS and can be used with any Arm/Cortex device. It can easily be downloaded, installed and used without the need to obtain a license. The unique Embedded Studio licensing permits the use of Embedded Studio free of charge for non-commercial/educational projects, and permits a developer working on a commercial project to make use of Embedded Studio free of charge for evaluation purposes.  The evaluation is full featured.  It does not limit Embedded Studio in any way.  There is no time limit, no feature limit, and no code size limit.

In addition, it does not force users to use the Windows Operating System, as it is also available for Linux and MacOS. Embedded Studio comes with an RTOS plugin for Amazon FreeRTOS, making it fully task aware. This is a perfect complement to Amazon FreeRTOS.

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