RTI: connectivity and security software for the IIoT

At embedded world 2018, Real-Time Innovations will feature the latest version of their connectivity software for real-time applications, Connext DDS 5.3. The company will also discuss their enhanced security specification, Connext DDS Secure. Demos of the layered-databus architectures can be seen at the RTI booth as well as at partner booths.

RTI Connext DDS 5.3 applications expand across the Industrial Internet of Things including connected medical devices and hospitals in the healthcare market, autonomous vehicles in the transportation market and hydropower and microgrid systems in the energy market. These systems all require sharing data across multiple networks, from the edge to the fog the cloud.

For example, in a connected hospital, devices have to communicate within a patient or operating room, to nurses’ stations and off-site monitors, to real-time analytics applications for smart alarming and clinical decision support, and with IT health records. This is incredibly challenging given the technical bandwidth, security and interoperability requirements.

To help IIoT system architects address these challenges, RTI released Connext DDS 5.3, the first connectivity software designed to implement a layered databus pattern while also fostering interoperability and an open architecture. RTI Connext DDS complies with the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard and allows sharing data across multiple networks. The latest version of the product suite features new security plugins, interoperable security (include forward interoperability with future Connext DDS versions) as well as plug-and-play with systems that incorporate components from multiple suppliers. Connext DDS 5.3 also provides the capability to efficiently retrieve historical system data when needed, without flooding the network bandwidth. This data is often needed to refine analytics or update dashboards. Additionally, the software offers seamless device mobility to ensure there isn’t a loss in connectivity when devices roam across networks. Devices will automatically and securely re-locate and re-authenticate. Furthermore, the new RTI Web Integration Service makes it easier to build user-facing web applications.

 RTI Connext DDS Professional is a comprehensive connectivity solution built around a publish-subscribe protocol, providing runtime libraries for managing connectivity and security, runtime services to scale and integrate IIoT systems, and tools to reduce time-to-market.

RTI Connext DDS Secure includes all of the robust features of Connext DDS Professional plus the added functional security of the advanced RTI Security Plugins.

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