SYSGO: Thales chooses PikeOS for innovative cockpit

Thales has chosen SYSGO's PikeOS for an innovative cockpit the company is currently developing. The Integrated Cockpit Display System will be the first real world implementation of Thales' Avionics 2020 concept for next generation cockpit systems.

The 2020 concept introduces a modern and effective cockpit architecture which integrates a large, secure display area associated with several reconfigurable means of control; including multi-touchscreen capabilities and head-down controls, which offer pilots an intuitive interaction solution comprising all aircraft systems and functions. It is based on a modular and open building block approach integrating human-machine interface, infrastructure, functions and equipment so that it can address cockpit size variability with the same concept, reducing crew training and associated cost. The architecture allows easy integration of third party systems or functions, enabling airframers and operators to build highly customized solutions.

The new ICDS will be an interactive solution based on multiple touchscreens. It will give pilots immediate access to data about mission, piloting and system as well as Flight Management System (FMS), Radio Management System (RMS) and Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS). All displays are mission related, and pilots can select different views depending on the current flight phase. By allowing to display currently relevant content instead of a fix information set, the ICDS will also increase safety during the entire mission.

The new cockpit's foundation will be an IMA system (Integrated Modular Avionics) based on a Multi-Core CPU running the PikeOS RTOS and hosting multiple applications of different criticality levels, which will be certifiable independently of each other, up to DAL-A. Through its integrated hypervisor, PikeOS by design supports the strict partitioning of resources required in IMA systems to separate applications running on the same hardware and to avoid propagation of any problems one of the applications may experience. In conjunction with Multi-Core CPUs, PikeOS represents a very comprehensive platform for the secure consolidation of systems and applications, saving weight, power consumption and thus expenses. In the past, systems based on this combination were the first Multi-Core systems to receive SIL-4 certification (IEC 61508), and PikeOS is currently being used in several DO-178C certified applications in the aviation industry. The new Thales cockpit will be one of the first DAL-A certified Multi-Core solutions. Certification of PikeOS based systems is significantly eased compared to other RTOSs, as Pike OS has been specifically designed with safety, security and certification in mind. Further, SYSGO can supply extensive support based on its comprehensive certification expertise.

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SYSGO: Thales chooses PikeOS for innovative cockpit
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