Win a hybrid energy storage capacitor based Mini-Charger Kit

Mouser Electronics, a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, is giving away ten Mini-Charger Kits in co-operation with Vishay. The MAL219699003E3 is a fully transparent charger unit. The charged energy is buffered in a capacitor and can be used for backup power. It provides a constant output voltage with very high efficiency.

Infineon: CoolMOS P7 available in a SOT-223 package

Infineon Technologies is expanding its recently launched CoolMOS P7 technology with a SOT-223 package. The device has been developed as a one-to-one drop-in replacement for DPAK. It is fully compatibl...

Establishing a root of trust to secure the IoT

This white paper explains the basic principles of security in a connected world and how a root of trust helps protect the IoT. It presents the threat in terms that are easily understood and describes how embedded developers can secure their IoT devices through solutions available today.

Cortet by CEL launches new Z10 Zigbee extender

Cortet by CEL announced the availability of the Cortet Z10 Range Extender (CGW-Z-010) for use in various wireless sensor network, M2M, and IoT applications. The Cortet Z10 Range Extender is a reliable...

Apacer to debut innovative dual-PCB miniature SSD

Apacer Technology showcased SDM7-M DP (SATA Disk Module 7Pin MLC DP) – a miniature SSD which has won the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award. Successfully combining rigid and flex boards, the SDM7-M DP...

Allegro: quad DMOS full-bridge PWM motor driver IC

Allegro MicroSystems Europe introduces a new quad DMOS full-bridge driver IC capable of driving up to two stepper motors or four DC motors. Each full-bridge output is rated up to 1.6 A and 40 V. ...

Manhattan Skyline: 12.3 inch letter box TFT

The WF123ASWGYLNGO from Winstar is an IPS TFT with 1920 x 720 resolution (24: 9) and high brightness-800nits. This is an industrial grade panel with long lifetime backlight (70K hours). Interface...

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