dSPACE supports AUTOSAR 4.3 features

dSPACE is one of the first embedded software development tool providers to support comprehensive functionality for the development and validation of some of the latest AUTOSAR 4.3 features in its prod...

Win a hybrid energy storage capacitor based Mini-Charger Kit

Mouser Electronics, a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, is giving away ten Mini-Charger Kits in co-operation with Vishay. The MAL219699003E3 is a fully transparent charger unit. The charged energy is buffered in a capacitor and can be used for backup power. It provides a constant output voltage with very high efficiency.

Ikalogic builds first wifi oscilloscope probe

In late 2017, Ikalogic created the very first wifi based oscilloscope probe: IkaScope WS200. With just over 30MHz bandwidth and 200MHz sampling rate, the WS200 is not designed to compete with high-end...

EUROS offers complete Industrial IoT Suite

EUROS Embedded Systems offers a complete solution for the requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things of tomorrow: Full integration between embedded home or industrial automation devices and pow...

Establishing a root of trust to secure the IoT

This white paper explains the basic principles of security in a connected world and how a root of trust helps protect the IoT. It presents the threat in terms that are easily understood and describes how embedded developers can secure their IoT devices through solutions available today.

Moxa: cloud-based secure remote access solution

Moxa has launched a new Remote Connect Suite that provides an easier and more secure way to connect to remote machines and equipment for the performance of critical troubleshooting, maintenance, data ...

Wind River: VxWorks 653 on ARM Architecture

Wind River announced that its VxWorks 653 Multi-core Edition is now available on ARM architecture, a move that brings its portfolio of safe and secure platforms to all the major hardware architectures...

SEGGER: IoT toolkit to access cloud based services

SEGGER's IoT Toolkit is a complete set of tools empowering IoT devices to interact with cloud based services, such as AWS, Azure, Dropbox, Twitter, Xively, and others. The set includes an http cli...

Cadence: analog IC design-for-reliability solution

Cadence Design Systems introduced the Cadence Legato Reliability Solution, the industry’s first software product that meets the challenges of designing high-reliability analog and mixed-signal i...

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