EUROS Embedded Systems

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH (EUROS) is a pioneering vendor of real-time operating systems (RTOS), protocol stacks, middleware and development tools for embedded applications. The company's products are widely used and supported in all segments of the embedded ecosystem, including medical technology, military & aerospace, test & measurement, industrial automation, process control, automotive and traffic engineering.

EUROS, with its comprehensive product portfolio, can provide all the components needed for an embedded system: RTOS, middleware, development toolchains, middleware, protocol stacks, peripheral drivers, file systems, graphics libraries and more. All parts are provided and supported by EUROS. Moreover, technical support from dedicated contact persons is part of the package; you can always depend on EUROS.


    EUROS is the flagship RTOS of the EUROS family of real-time operating systems for embedded applications. It is compact, modular, highly portable, extremely efficient and it supports a broad variety of communication mechanisms and protocol stacks, including USB, TCP/IP, SMTP, PPP, FTP, SNMP, DHCP, SSL, Webserver, CANopen, Modbus, OPC UA and others. EUROS is written in the C language and is totally hardware-independent. It is easily adapted for new CPU architectures using a specially designed hardware abstraction level (HAL). It is now available for more than 40 different family of microcontrollers.
  • EUROSmp
    EUROSmp is an adaptable multi-processor RTOS that can be used in several modes: tightly coupled, distributed, and mixed (tightly-coupled plus distributed).
  • EUROSmot
    EUROSmot is an RTOS that is especially designed for automotive applications. It is a static system that supports the OSEK API and various conformance classes.
  • EUROStime
    EUROStime is a time-triggered RTOS, in which the primary scheduling method depends on reaching a specific time in a table of times. EUROStime adheres to the OSEKtime API.
  • EUROSmpi
    EUROSmpi provides services that facilitate the implementation of applications for distributed systems. The goal of a distributed system is the parallelization of program execution, in order to achieve shorter run times. In order for multiple processors to execute in parallel, communication and synchronization mechanisms are necessary. The EUROSmpi interface implements the services of the MPI 1.1 standard (MPI: Message Passing Interface), but not to the full extent.
  • Industrial IoT Suite
    EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH offers a complete solution for the requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) of tomorrow: Full integration between embedded home or industrial automation devices and powerful cloud services.
    The offered Industrial IoT platform comprises the required system software running on the low power cloud-enabled device of the company home2net, a cloud infrastructure supporting TLS 1.3 security connection and a corresponding app control interface. It is complemented by both a scalable embedded OPC UA Server and a SoftPLC using a standard HTML5 browser for programming. Since the connection to the cloud operates without using gateways, this solution provides the highest possible end-to-end level of security.
    Key feature for the universal fit of the EUROS Industrial IoT suite is the fine granular scalability of the EUROS RTOS complemented by a large number of firmware adaptations. Furthermore the offered easy to use, secure cloud access - without having to rely on maintenance-intensive gateways – adds ready to use cloud integration resulting in a higher availability and lower total cost of ownership.
  • EUROScope
    EUROScope is an extremely powerful source-level debugger for embedded systems. It is highly portable and can be attached to the target via a variety of ways, including TCP/IP, CAN, BDM and JTAG links.  Apart from the "usual" features, such as memory view, register view, assembler view, source view, local/global variable view, breakpoints and call-stack, EUROScope offers an integrated terminal window as well as support for programming flash chips within the target system.
  • Eclipse-based IDE(EUROS Embedded Studio ®)
    EUROS Embedded Studio® is a very powerful C/C++ development environment based on Eclipse. It allows an individual, application-specific and fully automatic configuration of the system software and offers a range of additional development tools - such as graphical components configurator, real-time tracing, static code analysis, code coverage, RTOS-awareness, etc., which significantly support and facilitate the development of embedded applications.
  • Device Drivers, File-Systems, Field busses, Network Protocols:
    Seriall, parallel, keyboard, mouse, SSC, SPI, Ethernet, PC-CARD, SCSI, Floppy-Disk, RAM-Disk, IDE, CompactFlash, DiskOnChip, LCD, VGA, 3964R, I2C, IEC 870, CAN-Bus, CANopen, DIN-Messbus, InterBus-S,  Profibus, USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), ARCnet, Bluetooth, EIB, IrDA, ISDN, DECT, MVB, MMC, AS-i, KWP2000, (Flash) File System, TCP/IP, SMTP, PPP, FTP, Telnet, SNMP, DHCP, SSL, Webserver, Powerlink, PROFInet, OPC UA, MySQL, etc.



We assist customers during the planning and implemention phases of projects. We offer consulting services to select an optimal configuration of hardware and software components. During the development phase, we provide extensive support to ensure that customers achieve their technical goals on schedule.
We offer training for developers who use our real-time operating systems, development tools and other components. We can develop any needed drivers or other components that are not readily available from our extensive product portfolio. This kind of "bespoke" engineering service is provided in close collaboration with customer personnel.

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH
Campestrasse 12
90419 Nuremberg

Tel: +49-911-300328-0
Fax: +49-911-300328-9

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