Garz & Fricke GmbH

Garz & Fricke is a medium-sized leading vendor for embedded HMIs (human machine interfaces) and Panel PCs with more than 130 employees. We have been established in 1992 and we design and manufacture exclusively at our headquarters in Hamburg. Our customers are OEMs and system integrators, mainly from the catering technology, mobile computing, security, medical, measurement and control, transport, automation, aviation, and naval industries which appreciate our high level of vertical integration. In cloud based smart vending and telemetry we are the market leader for electronics in cigarette vending machines in the German-speaking countries. Further target groups are demanding manufacturers and installers of all kinds of connected vending machines. We deliver readyto-use machine controls, payment systems, solar charging technology and telemetry solutions. Our IoT applications were created before the term IoT was first coined.

At Graz & Fricke we deliver high quality products and services; all our R&D resources, technical staff and customer service personnel are located on site in our modern facilities in Hamburg.

We support our customers from the design stage of the specification, via prototyping and mass production, through customer service. This is how we can achieve short processing times without compromising the highest quality standards. WE MAKE IT YOURS!

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