E.E.P.D. is one of the leading companies in embedded computing. Since its foundation in 1988 E.E.P.D. develops and produces customized and standard computing solutions. Our ARM®- and x86-based PC boards serve a wide variety of industrial applications. Our product spectrum ranges from innovative planning and individual design to mass production with worldwide delivery. Longstanding expertise and innovative strength allow us to meet our customer’s requirements. After concept and requirement analysis E.E.P.D.’s electrical and mechanical engineering teams will realize outstanding solutions. Our own production allows us to act quickly, flexibly and independently. In-house EMC-/environmental laboratories support product certification and complete E.E.P.D.’s services. Highest quality standards for our work and our products, profound experience and an integrated product strategy make us a reliable partner.

EEPD as well as its sister companies EMTrust and Inperio Systems operate successfully under the roof of Trucomp GmbH. EMTrust develops and produces customer-specific industrial PC systems and panel PCs.

Inperio Systems is a specialist for telematics systems. All three embedded systems companies have been working in close collaboration for years, sharing core competencies, long-lasting experience and know-how.

Products and Service

Individual Solutions and Standard Boards
E.E.P.D. develops and produces full custom, customized and standard computing solutions based on ARM®- and x86-PC boards.

  • Custom Embedded Solutions – The Specialty of E.E.P.D.

    • Full Custom Design
      Since 1988, E.E.P.D.’s customers have been benefiting from the possibility to order development and production of specific custom designs in any size and configuration.
    • Customized Design
      Standard boards can be configured to the specific requirements and needs of our customers, too.
  • Single Board Computer
    Based on the newest processor technologies our PROFIVE® Single Board Computers are available in various sizes and configurations. If you have any special requests or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Many products exist in different variants or can be customized. An elaborate, state of the art and continuously self-enhancing quality system guarantees the high standard of every PROFIVE® Single Board Computer. Prototyping and rigorous tests are performed during development before mass production is started at our own cutting-edge manufacturing facility.
  • COM Express®
    The COM Express® specification has been published by the PICMG® Consortium. COM stands for Computer On Module. COM modules are complete PCs with all necessary components like CPU, memory, graphic processor and I/O ports on smallest space. Using mating connectors, COM modules are plugged onto application specific carrier boards.  The COM Express® specification defines the size, the position of mounting points and interfaces as well as the pin out to a carrier board.
  • MicroATX
    The microATX standard for motherboards defines a maximum size of 244 mm x 244 mm whereas other sizes within this standard are specified.  MicroATX is backward compatible to ATX standard so the mounting points of microATX motherboards as well as the I/O panel are identical. Therefore microATX boards fit into ATX housing.


Product Links

Full Custom Design

  • Full Custom Design
    E.E.P.D. develops and produces specific custom computing solutions based on ARM®- and x86-PC boards.
  • Single-Board-Recipe
    Single-Board-Recipe is our comprehensive library, based on pre-designed modules which are shapeable, scalable and compatible to each other.

Single Board  Computer

  • PROFIVE® A6i
    The PROFIVE® A6i is an ultra-low power device. Based on the ARM® Cortex A9 technology, it is designed for fanless operation in powerful and compact systems.
  • PROFIVE® E5i
    Because of its innovative design for fanless operation the PROFIVE® E5i is the best candidate for extended temperature industrial applications from -40°C to +85°C.
    The main characteristic of the PROFIVE® GS1 single board computer is the combination of 10 USB ports along with 3 independent Gigabit Ethernet ports (IEEE 1588) offering the flexibility to connect multiple USB devices and network interfaces.
  • PROFIVE® F12
    The single board computer PROFIVE® F12 is the optimum solution for fanless Intel® AtomTM dual core applications.
  • PROFIVE® F38
    The PROFIVE® F38 single board computer is powered by Intel® AtomTM Processors Series E3800. Due to the fact that high performance meets best efficiency the PROFIVE® F38 panel board is best qualified for fanless applications.
  • PROFIVE® F75
    The PROFIVE® F75 single board computer was designed for fanless operation and ultra-low power applications and is powered by the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and the Mobile Intel® GS 45 Express Chipset.
  • PROFIVE® F85
    The PROFIVE® F85 single board computer was designed for fanless operation and high power applications  and is powered by the proven Intel® Core™ i7 processors and the Mobile Intel® QM57 Express Chipset.
    The F75DH extension board is designed to multiply the abilities of some PROFIVE® Panel Board SBCs.

COM Express®

  • PROFIVE® P11
    PROFIVE® P11 modules offer a versatile spectrum of applications and adjustments to a variety of environmental and surrounding conditions by utilizing the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series.
  • PROFIVE® P12
    Based on Intel® Atom™ Single Core or Dual Core processors, the PROFIVE® P12 COM Express® modules have a broad range of application and an outstanding price performance ratio.

Micro ATX

  • PROFIVE® G95
    The PROFIVE® G95 represents a high performance single board computer not only for applications in the superior graphic and multi-monitor sector, but also in the network switching area.
    The PROFIVE® CEBUX was designed as the ideal testing and evaluation platform for the PROFIVE® COM Express® module series.

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