EKF Elektronik GmbH

As an independent systems manufacturer, EKF concentrated, from the very beginning, on complete solutions for industrial problems by using the latest in technology, with a focus on high reliability and long-term availability of all products.  In 1998, EKF started development and manufacture of CompactPCI® boards and systems. In addition, EKF is currently developing solutions for new standards such as CompactPCI® Serial, incorporating PCI Express® and other high speed technolgy.

Founded in 1972, EKF is one of today's leading manufacturers for modular industrial micro computers. For more than 35 years extremely robust boards and systems in Eurocard format have been the company's core competence. Based on CompactPCI® Technology, the company's product range now includes CPU boards with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 technology as well as a wide range of peripheral boards. Designed for applications in harsh environments, EKF products are also available in extended temperature range versions, including a protective coating.

The product range is rounded off by a series of XMC modules. Further custom board designs, based on customer's specifications, are done on a daily basis. In-house SMT manufacturing guarantees highest quality as well as short lead times. EKF products carry 3 years of warranty and are available over a time frame of many years. The ISO-9001 certification, effective since 1996, forms part of the high quality concept.

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