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Eurotech is a global company that designs, creates and delivers full Internet of Things solutions, including services, software and hardware to leading systems integrators and enterprises. With Eurotech solutions in place, clients have access to the latest open source and standardized software stacks, flexible and rugged multi-service gateways and sophisticated sensors to bring actionable data from the field into business operations.

Working with world-class ecosystem partners, Eurotech delivers on the promise of the Internet of Things either from end to end, or with best in class building blocks, including device and data management, connectivity and communication platform, intelligent edge devices and smart objects following business models that fit today’s business world.


  • Embedded Boards and Modules
    To increase our customers’ competitiveness and ability to cope with the evolution of digital technologies we design and develop ready-to-use modular building blocks to exceed the expectation of the most demanding verticals.
    For more than 25 years Eurotech has produced embedded boards and modules to provide the best performances for embedded applications in the harshest environments.
    Eurotech’s portfolio includes different form factors to adapt to our customers’ needs: COM Express, Single Board Computers (SBC), VME, CompactPCI and PC/104 very low-power Small Form Factor. All our boards and modules are based on a variety of CPU architectures: Atom, Core I, Xeon D and ARM.
  • Subsystems
    Eurotech produces fully customizable building blocks to provide artificial intelligence at the edge and cloud connectivity for the most up-to-date IoT applications in many vertical markets such as Industrial, Automotive and Rolling Stock.
    Eurotech’s Subsystems are designed to meet the requirements of an increasingly connected and interconnected world. Embedded, rugged and flexible Edge Computers, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), and expansion modules are among those systems developed by Eurotech to overcome the challenges of demanding industries.  Rugged enclosures ensure their reliable performance under difficult environmental conditions.
  • Intelligent Sensors
    Eurotech produces specific intelligent sensors and devices for different connectivity and data management applications, typically designed for embedded and IoT environments.
    From people and passenger counters to environmental monitoring systems, these intelligent sensors are able to collect data and transfer them through an IoT edge-to-cloud infrastructure for further analytics.
    These IoT-ready devices will help innovate customers’ enterprise business models and lead them to the path of digitalization by providing smart appliances in a variety of vertical markets.
  • High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC)
    Eurotech brings supercomputing performances to the edge with its HPEC (High Performance Embedded Computing) boards and systems for a faster data access and management.
    Bringing HPC from data center to field deployable applications means reducing space, weight and power absorption, increasing resistance, robustness and reliability while maintaining the same advanced computational performance and energy efficiency.
    Eurotech’s HPEC boards and systems have a rugged and fanless design ideal for embedded applications in difficult environmental conditions.
  • Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways
    Eurotech’s Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways are a family of intelligent devices that offer a wide range of performance, networking and ruggedness options in order to best fit today’s IoT applications. Eurotech’s Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways come certified for various industry verticals including Industrial, Automotive, and Railway and are globally certified for cellular connectivity.
  • Everyware IoT – Edge-to-Cloud Platform
    Eurotech provides hardware and software IoT solutions under the brand name of Everyware IoT. Everyware IoT is an integrated platform for the Internet of Things which provides IoT gateways for any industry vertical, an open edge framework and a modular cloud infrastructure to connect field devices to business analytics and enterprise applications. Based on open source and standards, Everyware IoT accelerates IoT application development and project deployment while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Eurotech SPA
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33020 Amaro, Udine
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