Eurotech Group

Eurotech is a global company that designs, creates and delivers full Internet of Things solutions, including services, software and hardware to leading systems integrators and enterprises. With Eurotech solutions in place, clients have access to the latest open source and standardized software stacks, flexible and rugged multi-service gateways and sophisticated sensors to bring actionable data from the field into business operations.

Working with world-class ecosystem partners, Eurotech delivers on the promise of the Internet of Things either from end to end, or with best in class building blocks, including device and data management, connectivity and communication platform, intelligent edge devices and smart objects following business models that fit today’s business world.


  • Embedded Boards
    Eurotech Embedded Boards are designed to match the needs of extremely demanding customers. Eurotech has a complete portfolio of boards and embedded modules with CPU processors based on the state of the art architectures:Atom, x86PowerPC, XScaleARM and QorIQ. The boards are either CPU boards or single board computer - SBC - available in many form factors: VMECompactPCI,  PC/104 and PC/104 PlusCOM Express, and very low power Small form factors modules. 
  • Multi-service IoT Gateways
    Eurotech Multi-service IoT Gateways are deployable out-of-the-box enabling integration and secure connectivity for IoT applications.Eurotech gateways are offered in different models for a wide range of vertical applications offering a multitude of options with regards to connectivity and levels of ruggedization. 
  • HPEC
    Bringing HPC (High Performance Computer) from data center into field deployable applications means reducing space, weight and power absorption, increasing resistance, robustness and reliability while maintaining the same advanced computational performance. The Eurotech HPEC (High Performance Embedded Computer) systems find ideal application wherever high computational performance needs to be taken closer to the data gathering points (sensors and other devices) to facilitate real time analysis and quicker decision making in critical situations or in the growing number of occasions where real time processing is needed for better business decisions. In addition, Eurotech produces HPEC boards that offer high computational performances, adequately configured they can function within a set power budget. They are engineered to be implemented within Eurotech and third party systems. 
  • Industrial Systems
    Eurotech offers a wide range of stationary systems in a variety of formats and functions. Industrial computers meet CE and FCC compliance standards, are environmentally friendly and ready for industrial PC/104, embedded PC and SBC requirements. They also offer diskless operation using embedded operating system running from Flash memory. Panel PCs are rugged, compact and pre-packaged solutions integrating LCD TFT displays and embedded CPUs. They provide a ruggedized, compact enclosure for any industrial application. Industrial monitors offer a long duration (50.000 hours at 25°C) and can be connected to an external industrial computer. The TFT displays come in a variety of sizes (12.1”, 15” and 17”).

  • On-board Systems
    Eurotech offers a wide range of embedded products for applications in the transportation, logistics, automotive and defense industries. On-board computers are compact, purpose-built systems that target demanding vehicle installation, withstanding harsh environmental conditions, such as vibrations and temperature stresses. They are EN50155-vehicle-standards compliant and meet MIL-STD specifications. Networking solutions deliver secure data, voice, and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wireless networks. On-board displays are EN50155 certified, fanless dot matrix displays for railway applications, providing high brightness and efficiency in a very thin enclosure.

  • Everyware IoT
    Eurotech Everyware IoT is a complete, end-to-end solution to develop IoT applications. It includes purpose-built hardware, connectivity and embedded device management through Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the Edge Computing Platform for IoT Gateways. ESF enables remote management and access to field devices and visual development of any IoT applications, through a user-friendly UI. Data collected from field devices are remotely managed through Everyware Cloud (EC), the IoT Integration Platform, which enables device connectivity and data collection.

Eurotech SPA
Via Fratelli Solari 3/A
33020 Amaro, Udine
Tel: +39 0433 485411
Fax: +39 0433 485499

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