Hyperstone, a fabless semiconductor and microprocessor design company, was founded in 1990 and is based in Konstanz, Germany. Together with subsidiaries in Taiwan, USA and with other worldwide partners, Hyperstone serves a global customer base. Since July 2003, Hyperstone has been a member of the CML Microsystems Plc group. Traded at the London Stock Exchange, the group currently consists of eight subsidiaries and has over 250 employees. Hyperstone research and development is based in Germany and Taiwan. Industry-leading partners provide world-class wafer subcontracting, packaging, and testing services.

Hyperstone’s success is based on the unique design of the unified RISC/DSP processor architecture. This core architecture provides both a fast RISC processor for data and control functions together with a powerful DSP unit for efficient algorithm execution. Hyperstone designs’ require less silicon, are more power efficient and require lower software complexity when compared to conventional dual-core designs.

Flash Memory Controllers
CompactFlash (CF) controllers, SD Card controllers, Turnkey-solutions including  firmware and manufacturing-kits for solid state storage applications including Secure Digital cards (SD), Multi-Media-Cards (MMC), Compact Flash memory cards (CFC), mini-SD, Reduced-size MMC (RSMMC), USB-memory sticks, and Solid State Disks (SSD) and Disk-on-Modules (DOM) as well as embedded Flash Disks in various industrial applications.

Microcontroller, microprocessor, communication controller and network processor chips (hyNet-Family) and application specific standard products (ASSP) based on our unified RISC/DSP processor.

Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP)
RISC/DSP processor architecture and core for licensing as semiconductor intellectual property (SIP)

Hyperstone GmbH
Line-Eid-Strasse 3
78467 Konstanz
Tel: +49 7531 9803-0
Fax: +49 7531 9803-38
E-Mail: info@hyperstone.com

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