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Lauterbach is the leading manufacturer of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools worldwide with experience in the field of embedded designs since 1979. At the headquarters in Höhenkirchen, near Munich, the engineering team develops and produces highly proficient and specialized Development Tools, which are utilized all over the world under the brand TRACE32®.

The unified and configurable user interface and architecture-independent base modules support almost all of the available processor architectures in the market today. Thanks to this modular concept, the debug system can be optionally extended with off-chip trace functions. TRACE32 tools are applied early in the pre-silicon phase for virtual prototyping and provide seamless transition to all follow-up phases throughout the development process until mass production.
Deeply integrated and processor controlled applications are hidden in a variety of industrial equipment, in mobile phones, in automation, in industrial processing control and medical technology.

All products from Lauterbach are supplied with the same IDE called TRACE32-PowerView. It offers intuitive and fast access to the debugger and trace information, and a large number of functions are available to analyze the system performance and to help you to assure the quality of your embedded designs. So TRACE32 supports you significantly to reach your goal of time to market.

Lauterbach offers high performance development tools for system on-chip designs with its TRACE32 PowerTools product family.  The TRACE32 Tools include PowerDebug, our class leading debugger that is characterized by high system performance and impressive advanced debug features and supports all current on-chip debugging standards such as JTAG, BDM, OCDS, etc.; PowerTrace, combining the debugger with extensive real-time trace capability to monitor program flow and data accesses; PowerProbe, a state timing analyzer for monitoring up to 64 channels and 400 MHz or PowerIntegrator Logic Analyzer which replaces much more expensive logic analyzer systems used for microcontroller system integration and supports timing and state analysis up to 500 MHz. And also analog signals can be traced now.

CombiProbe (for ARM®/Cortex® or Intel® x86/x64) is a debug cable with 128 MB trace memory connecting the PowerDebug module and the target for debugging and system trace.

μTrace® is an all-in-one debug and trace solution specifically targets the ARM® Cortex-M family. Through the debug environment PowerView the µTrace system provides developers with the familiar user interface for debugging and tracing. By using simple and complex breakpoints the developer can control the operation of the program and analyze the data in C and C++. The tool supports accesses to memory and peripherals during program runs. When used in tracing mode the tool has an internal 256Mbyte memory buffer but it can also be set to stream data to the host if the user needs to collect the program flow data for longer periods.

All TRACE32 tools support almost all Operation Systems (OS-Awareness) for most of the supported CPUs.

Lauterbach GmbH
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