MicroSys Electronics

MicroSys designs and develops embedded systems and devices. From 1975 on, customized solutions offering longevity are a key competence. Furthermore, standard bus designs, e.g. for VMEbus, CompactPCI and other common bus are supported.

Products span from System on Modules up to fully integrated systems. Applications fit the automation, avionics, automotive, medical, railways & transportation, construction, and defense market segments. Related norms, like IEC61508, DO-160, EN50155 are addressed in close cooperation with our clients.

The miriac® System on Modules utilize processors for embedded solutions offered under e.g. NXP QorIQ Layerscape (ARM® Cortex®-A), PowerPC or the i.MX (ARM) portfolio. With their low power consumption and compact dimensions of a credit-card they fit demanding environments.

Operating systems such as Linux our own RTOS Microware OS-9 are supported. Furthermore, the company builds on a strong system intergation background with VxWorks, QNX or WinCE.

Why MicroSys?

  • Wide spectrum of Systems on Modules available
  • Fast access to market by Single Board Computer Solutions from rapid prototyping to custom platforms
  • Superior OS & RTOS background
  • Middleware and tools available to complete system solutions
  • Mechanics expertise to deliver rugged, conduction cooled and systems for harsh environments
  • Certification support to meet specific market requirements, e.g. ISO9001:2015, DO-160, EN50155 and others
  • Keep client’s production efficient, by e.g. longevity of supply, life cycle support, performance upgrade, change and EOL management
  • HW & SW configuration management
  • Local Support for our hardware and software solutions



  • engineering services from design to production
  • Adaptation and integration of operating systems and middleware components
  • multi-lateral project management to meet certification requirements at device level
  • Support clients to manage long time available products and solutions:
    •  „Life Cycle Management“ of products and components
    • Integration of performance and functional enhancements within the product life cycle



  • miriac® System on Modules and Single Board Computer on the basis of NXP QorIQ Layerscape (ARM® Cortex®-A), PowerPC or the i.MX (ARM) CPUs.
  • COTS boards for standard bus systems, like VME- or cPCI and others
  • On this basis custom solutions on board, system and device level, including competences to meet application specific certification requirements
  • Operating system integration, services and support for Linux, our own RTOS Microware OS-9
    and others on request
  • Development kits for functional safe application requirements
  • Integration of field busses like, EtherCAT, CAN, TSN, Profibus, etc…..
  • Custom devices for man machine interfaces and/or plc applications

MicroSys Electronics GmbH
Mühlweg 1
82054 Sauerlach
Tel: +49 8104 801-0
Hotline: +49 8104 801-13
Fax: +49 8104 801-110

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