MicroSys Electronics

MicroSys Electronics GmbH located in Sauerlach close to Munich, designs and develops embedded system solutions, for e.g. VMEbus, CompactPCI and other common bus infrastructures. From the beginning in 1975, customized solutions offering longevity are a strong part of MicroSys business as well. Successfully deployed products span from Computer on Modules up to fully integrated systems.

Since 2000, the miriac™ CPU Module Family expands our Product Portfolio. This flexible and modular Module-Carrier-Concept can be used for both, evaluation purposes of processor technology and serial production.

The miriac™ Modules utilize Processors for embedded Solutions offered under e.g. Freescale Power Architecture or the ARM portfolio. With their low power consumption and compact dimensions of a credit-card, the miriac™ CPU Modules fit into any application in Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical or Defense applications.

Operating Systems such as VxWorks, Microware OS-9, Micrium µC/OS, QNX and Linux or WinCE are supported.

Since February 2013 Microware® OS-9 is owned by a partnership of three companies, MicroSys, Freestation (Japan) and RTSI (USA). MicroSys in Sauerlach near Munich takes care of customers in Europe and provides technical support. MicroSys actively continues development on OS-9. Recent developments already provide support for ARM Cortex A8 and A9 cores with Freescale’s latest i.MX5x and i.MX6 CPUs.

Operating system integration and adaptations of communication infrastructures like CAN, EtherCAT, ProfiNET for industrial, defense, avionic and medical solutions are an integral part of our business as well.

For applications requiring functional safety requirements our Freescale Qorivva MPC5477 based design kits allow rapid development cycles from an idea to ready to use products.

Why MicroSys?

  • Wide spectrum of Systems on Modules available
  • Fast access to market by Single Board Computer Solutions from rapid prototyping to custom platforms
  • Superior RTOS background
  • Middleware and tools available to complete systems solutions portfolio
  • Mechanics expertise to deliver rugged, conduction cooled and systems for harsh environments
  • Certification support to meet specific market requirements, e.g. ISO9001, DO-160, EN50155 and others
  • Keep clients production efficient, by e.g. longevity of supply, life cycle support, performance upgrade, change and EOL management
  • Local Support for Hardware and Software

Product Links

miriac® System on Modules

  • PowerArchitecture, e.g. QorIQ, Layerscape
  • ARM, e.g. i.MX
  • Accessories

miriac® Single Board Computer

  • Development Kits, e.g. for QorIQ, i.MX and other ARM CPUs
  • Standard Bus Systems, e.g. CompactPCI & VMEBus
  • Custom specific designs & solutions

Device & Mechanics

  • Off the Shelf
  • Chassis Design
  • OEM solutions

Operating Systems –Porting Adaptations – Support –

  • Microware OS-9
  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • QNX

Middleware & Software Tools

  • Embedded Graphics
  • Fieldbusses, e.g. CAN, EtherCAT Master Software
  • SoftPLC

To meet market specific requirements, we support our customers in all project phases to fulfill the related editions or norms and to receive the certifications necessary for it

We support our customer over the complete product life cycle. This includes longevity of supply, performance upgrades and change & end of life management

Mühlweg 1
82054 Sauerlach
Tel: +49 8104 801-0
Hotline: +49 8104 801-13
Fax: +49 8104 801-110

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