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N.A.T. is the expert in turnkey systems and high performance connectivity products for data and (tele-)communication solutions. The product portfolio is dedicated to embedded markets such as medical, energy, communication, defense&aerospace, industrial controls, automation, transportation, test&measurement, and research.

N.ature I N.A.T. was founded in 1990 with the aim of developing high-performance network solutions. From the beginning the goal has been to base these on an individual combination of hardware and software modules, e.g. the N.A.T.InnoVation Enabler, short NATIVE, family of products. Constant growth during the last 22 years and substantial knowledge in networking technologies have brought N.A.T. to the forefront of the embedded and (tele-)communications market.

A.im I Comprehensive expertise and solid product quality have made N.A.T. the preferred choice for a large number of customers in the domestic and international markets. Based on both standard and customized hardware and software that are designed to traditional German quality standards, N.A.T. provides a complete product range from board level products up to turn-key systems. “Made in Germany” and N.A.T.‘s ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System guarantee consistent product quality.

T.echnology I Our product range is based on common hardware standards such as AMC, MicroTCA, VME, compactPCI, PMC, PCI/PCIe and others. N.A.T. embedded platforms are complemented by sophisticated protocol stack solutions i.e. ISDN, SS7, ATM or IP adapted to common real time operating systems to build an optimal solution.

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Featured Product

The NAT-MCH is the powerful management and data switching engine for all microTCA (uTCA) systems. It is targeted at all Telecom and non-Telecom applications based on microTCA (uTCA) technology.
The NAMC-QorIQ-P40 and the NAMC-QorIQ-P50 are the market's most powerful single-width mid- or full-size AdvancedMC™ (AMC) processor boards designed around the high-performance Freescale™ octal core QorIQ® P4080 / dual core P5020 and Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA.
The NPMC-8280-4E1/T1/J1 is a telecommunications interface board in PMC (PCI mezzanine card) form-factor. Based on the Motorola MPC8280 "PowerQuicc II" CPU the NPMC-8280-4E1/T1/J1 is targeted at telecom applications with a need for a powerful and versatile platform, such as applications using SS7, ISDN, ATM, VoP or any combination of these protocols.
The NAT-PM-AC600 is a high-density and high-efficiency power module (PM) for MIcroTCA™ applications. Supplying 600W it is the market’s most efficient PM in its single-width full-size form-factor to run today’s complex communication systems made of latest processor generations and an increased number of Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC™). The NAT-PM-AC600 provides electrical support for the expected workload of 12 AMCs, 2 Cooling Units (CUs) and 2 MicroTCA™ Carrier Hubs (MCH).
The new members of the NAT-MCH family of products, the NAT-MCH-PHYS and its associated rear-transition module NAT-MCH-RTM are leveraging additional flexibility and scalability to MTCA.4 systems. This unique combination releases slots normally occupied by PrAMCs, storage and graphic AMCs by utilizing the space behind the MCH slot(s) in a MicroTCA.4 chassis.
Flexibility, high-bandwidth and low latency processing dedicate the NAMC-8569-ATM for applications in telecommunication and defense communication market. The front Ethernet interface can be switched or multiplexed towards the CPU and the backplane. Depending on the required throughput one Fat Pipe (PCIe or SRIO) or the combination of both Fat Pipes (PCIe and SRIO) are available to the backplane. Thus, the NAMC-8569-ATM is targeting at ATM based applications where IO boards need PCIe and where low latency of SRIO for multiprocessing is requested.

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