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Advanced Micro Peripherals is a leading manufacturer of embedded video solutions - offering the latest MPEG-4 / H.264 (AVC) codecs and video overlay / annotation technologies on a wide range of embedded board form factors including PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI/104-Express, CompactPCI and mini PCI modules. Our range of rugged, long-life embedded video hardware is matched with comprehensive software development kits to capture, display, record and stream multi-channel NTSC / PAL video data. AMP also offers complete (COTS) system solutions for digital video streamers/servers and digital video recorders (DVR) for use in defense and transportation infrastructure.

Our core competence is the design and manufacture of specialized boards and system solutions for embedded video applications. Our product range includes solutions for video capture and real-time overlay (frame grabbers), video compression (and decompression) and video scan conversion. It is the combination of our hardware platforms and software development kits which enables developers to quickly create complex ruggedized solutions for video inspection, digital video recording, remote video streaming, surveillance and command & control systems.

Our board and module level products are based on industry standard form factors such as PC/104, PC/104-Plus, CompactPCI and mini PCI and enable developers to create high performance, ruggedized systems using low power processor boards.

Our system level products are designed to help reduce your time to market and minimize the technical effort required to create complete video systems. We offer standard system solutions for video recording, and video streaming and can also work with you to provide customized systems for specialized applications.

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