Software for embedded virtualization environments to support mixed workloads on multicore Intel processor-based PC platforms.

The product portfolio includes eVM® for Windows* and INtime®—which make use of embedded virtualization technologies to partition platforms while permitting multiple diverse workloads to run simultaneously and independently on the same platform. Workloads encompass applications running on diverse OSs including Windows*, Linux*, and all popular real-time operating system (RTOS) solutions.  With over 20 years of embedded virtualization experience, the TenAsys mission is to help maximize the value of PC-based control systems using the latest Intel® multi-core processors.

TenAsys solutions are strengthened by the close partnerships we've forged with industry technology leaders. We believe that integrating best-in-class technologies from Intel, Microsoft and numerous specialty hardware and software partners is the best way to build a platform that's configurable and extensible, as well as cost-effective and disciplined.

Despite our global reach, we remain a small company at heart. We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers by providing service and support that's essential for the development of complex real-time applications.

TenAsys product portfolio provides a comprehensive set of embedded virtualization solutions:

  • eVM® for Windows*:
    Saves cost by consolidation of all applications on to one platform exploiting Intel’s latest virtualization and multicore technology
  • INtime® 6 Software Development Kit:
    A comprehensive development package for use with the INtime® Distributed RTOS and INtime® for Windows and is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studios* development environment
  • INtime® Distributed RTOS:
    A scalable RTOS that runs applications across one or several processor cores and/or platforms
  • INtime® for Windows:
    Our native RTOS that runs alongside Windows

TenAsys headquarters are in Beaverton, OR with supporting sales and support offices serving Europe and Asia.

TenAsys Europe GmbH
Hans-Stiessberger-Str. 2b
85540 Haar
Tel: +49 89 46 1498 45
Fax: +49 89 46 1498 47
E-Mail:  europe-office@tenasys.com