The Real-Time, Embedded Virtualization Experts.

With over 35 years of pioneering innovation in both PC real-time operating systems and embedded virtualization, TenAsys® designs unique solutions that enable simultaneous, side-by-side real-time and embedded application consolidation onto the same PC hardware.

Our tenacity for creating innovative software, combined with outstanding support, enable our customers to reduce cost and complexity without sacrificing the determinism or independence that embedded applications demand.

Find out about our INtime® RTOS family and eVM® hypervisor products as your next generation software base platform.

TenAsys® Products for Embedded Virtualization and Real-Time Application Consolidation

With new, more powerful multi-core PC platforms being introduced each year, there are greater opportunities to leverage embedded virtualization technologies. But, not all embedded virtualization solutions are alike; a mere hypervisor does not provide an optimal environment for delivering effective solutions using embedded virtualization.

TenAsys offers a unique, innovative approach that supports mixed workloads, such as running Windows* and real-time environments side by side on the same hardware. TenAsys’ embedded virtualization solutions utilize explicit partitioning, Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP), and a balanced usage hypervisor technology to deliver an adaptable, scalable, efficient, and time-proven solution. Our products simplify designers’ efforts and reduce the costs to deploy the system, whether setting up a new RTOS or legacy solution.

TenAsys product portfolio provides a comprehensive set of embedded virtualization solutions:


  • INtime® for Windows
    As Windows* is the standard for implementing human machine interfaces and enterprise connectivity there is vital demand for real-time application solutions complementing it. INtime for Windows was conceived as an RTOS on Windows PCs and has been implemented from the ground up to run real-time applications side-by-side with any current native 32- or 64-bit Windows version.


  • INtime® Distributed RTOS:
    Scalable real-time solutions need multi-kernel support. Embedded solutions are built on a range of hardware, from simple, single-core based PCs to complex, networked, multi-core and multi-host PC systems. The embedded virtualization technology of INtime® Distributed RTOS is designed to provide the scalability, flexibility, and reliability that real-time applications demand on one or multiple PC hosts.

    INtime Distributed RTOS partitions applications onto their own RTOS environments to ensure protection at the application level. Robust IPC services between execution cores and network connected PC hosts facilitate cooperative data processing and control execution. This innovative RTOS design allows developers to scale out solutions across multiple nodes or multiple hosts, or both, optimizing system hardware costs.
  • INtime® 6 Software Development Kit:
    The INtime SDK is a software development toolkit for the complete development cycle, from code entry to debugging, optimization, and runtime analysis of an INtime Software solution, whether for INtime for Windows or INtime Distributed RTOS or both. The INtime SDK runs on any Windows* PC platform to debug applications on target systems, either on the same host for INtime for Windows or on a remote host, via LAN, for INtime Distributed RTOS.

    The INtime SDK provides everything needed to monitor and analyze the application. INtime RTOS Family applications are portable across all deployment models with binary compatibility so applications can be distributed to any number of nodes. Build, analyze, and deploy scalable software solutions to meet demanding, hard real-time application requirements.
  • eVM® for Windows*:
    Eliminate the two-box solution
    Reduce the cost and complexity of multi-computer systems using eVM for Windows embedded virtualization technology. consolidate a headless x86 operating system with its applications onto a shared multi-core platform with Windows. eVM for Windows allows the quick and easy integration of embedded or real-time applications onto newer, more reliable, and more powerful platforms with intel Virtualization technology. the result is a simultaneous, side-by-side deployment of native Windows with embedded OSs and applications that eliminates the need for multiple compute platforms.

    eVM for Windows builds on our unique embedded virtualization approach that utilizes explicit hardware partitioning, combined with our hard real-time hypervisor (HartH™) technology. this technology preserves the determinism of existing embedded applications due to its underlying real-time OS environment and allows direct access to critical I/O, using native, unmodified Guest OS drivers.

    eVM for Windows creates separate hardware subsystems on a single platform, onto which you can consolidate your Windows and Guest OS along with new or existing applications to lower system hardware costs and reduce integration complexity.

TenAsys Corporation’s headquarters are located in Hillsboro (Oregon, USA). The Europe office is based in Haar/Munich (Germany). TenAsys also has a partner and distributer network around the world available for our customers. Find your contact here!

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E-Mail: europe-office@tenasys.com


World Headquarters
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