XiSys Software GmbH

XiSys Software GmbH is a provider of innovative and leading edge Software Tools and Development Environments for Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). The products are dedicated to highly embedded, reliable system solutions with typically long product lifecycles of up to 10 years and more. The company was founded in 1994 and supports with it’s XiBase9 product line, operating systems like Linux, Microsoft® Windows® or RadiSys Microware® OS-9.

The solutions by XiSys are proven in numerous industrial control applications running on system architectures like Freescale´s 68k, PowerPC, Intel x86 and compatible’s, SuperH and ARM.

Real Time Applications increasingly require a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Although the market asks for a common known appearance in terms of look and feel, real time requirements for interfacing to graphics are definitely different. It's the internal way in which a real time process communicates with a GUI - and vice versa - that determines whether the complete system runs efficiently or not Hard and software structures of embedded applications are manifold: There are small systems without any direct user interface - perhaps connected to a central control system; there are large and powerful systems with their own complex user interface and there is a broad range of units that require remote maintenance; and there is a whole range of considerations in between these.

We have decided to offer a well-structured and portable Graphical User Interface (GUI), that fulfils all the above requirements plus more, like its own desktop manager. XiSys's objective is to reduce development time, to minimize the programmer's involvement in handling GUI internals, and to maximize the flexibility of embedded applications.

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