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Wind River announced that Toshiba is using Wind River Simics to develop automotive application software on image recognition system-on-chip platforms. Providing full system simulation and breakthrough development techniques, the added Simics capabilities can help Toshiba’s automotive customers increase their productivity by transforming their software development processes to be faster and more efficient. The Toshiba image recognition SoCs, the TMPV75 Series, are applicable to advanced driver assistance systems with automotive video cameras. These SoCs can process image data captured from multiple cameras to detect and recognize objects and their motions in order to assist or alert drivers.

Software development for automotive devices is at greater risk for delays. The ability to realize savings during
development and testing cycles is a significant advantage. As a full system simulator, Simics provides the power to simulate any type of system and anticipate roadblocks sooner than ever, or easily test and solve difficult debugging challenges. By using Simics, customers can speed their simulations and gain new flexibilities to minimize risk and potential rises in cost during the development process.


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